Bathroom Trends - What's in and what's out for 2019?

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January is the ideal time of year to say goodbye to the old and welcome the new, with simple bathroom renovations that go the distance, and you’ve probably been contemplating for a while. To help you really make a splash in your bathroom this year, we’ve put together a list of fresh and fun design ideas that are on trend for 2019.

Expose Your Hardware & Plumbing

Exposed hardware and piping around the sink and shower is making a comeback. It was once often seen in older, antique homes, but it is now being used by interior designers in a stylish, understated way. Exposed subtlety and paired with a modern marble tile, it creates an industrial, clean look – which we are loving. If you would like to incorporate this trend without changing your sinks, purchase a feature towel rail in a rose gold/ brassy finish, similar to the one in the picture below from Vogue UK.

Photo credit – Vogue UK and Pinterest

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Big Decorations in Small Spaces

Powder rooms are often relatively tame since most of them are small and sometimes awkward spaces to work with. However, powder rooms are a fantastic canvas to make a splashy statement to show off to guests. 2019 is seeing large mirrors being used to make an impact and even high-contrast wallpaper to expand the space and add some flare. Don’t be shy to be bold.

Photo credit – Pinterest

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Storage Ledges – Trendy and Practical!

It’s finally trendy to have somewhere to put all your products and bathroom essentials. A sleek ledge or shelving unit is a clean look, and one that can be used in every bathroom, no matter what style. Check out this simple wooden ledge from Tikamoon.

Photo credit – Tikamoon

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Sleek White and Grey Marble

White and grey marble is an extremely popular material for both bathrooms and kitchens alike this year. The smooth marble is luxurious and classic yet modern and bold. Paired with neutral tones and simplistic fixtures and fittings, marble is a timeless investment.

Photo credit – The Spruce

grey and white marble bathroom












Concrete is Having a Makeover

Many of us associate concrete as being a cold and stark material, but it’s time to move past that and open up to new ways of using it. Concrete sinks paired with a rich wooden unit and mosaic floor tiles, create warming tones and add some quirky modern design flair to your bathroom.

Photo credit – Pinterest

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Simplistic Tiles Used in a Big Way

Subway tiles have been around for years now, however, the size and shapes are changing and can now be used on every surface of the bathroom. Used in the right way these cheap simplistic tiles will make a big impact whilst creating a rustic, homely feel.

Photo credit – Better Homes and Gardens

Simplistic tile design











Black and Bold

Dark and sultry bathroom designs are inspired by spa décor which is often bold, dark and luxurious, to create a relaxing atmosphere. Avoiding harsh lighting is a key part of creating this trend, so be sure to install dimmers and use dark colours and materials like stone and marble to perfect the look.

Photo credit – Pinterest

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Refreshing your bathroom doesn’t always require a complete overhaul: sometimes changing the sink or adding some tiles can do the job. However, if you are in desperate need of more space and some design expertise don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly builders or in-house designers on – 01206 396667 for some professional advice or view our services.

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