Create a kitchen for entertaining

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Create a kitchen for entertaining
With Christmas festivities just around the corner, what better time to update your counter tops and lighting to create a kitchen fit for hosting the whole family? Here are our top tips to achieve the perfect kitchen for entertaining!

1. Invest in open plan living

Remodelling your home or adding space for open plan living may seem daunting, but it is something you can enjoy now and according to reports can add up to ten times the investment you make on to the value of your home . An open plan kitchen/living/dining room presents you with the perfect spot to host Christmas, house parties, and dinners with family and friends. Removing walls in the home, quite literally, helps to remove barriers, allowing you to interact with family and guests while you are preparing and cooking food, all in one open space. Another bonus of open plan living is how design elements such as bifold doors, feature windows and ceiling lanterns can flood the room with light all year round.

2. Party in style with a wet bar

The idea of a wet bar in the kitchen may seem a luxury too far, but if you regularly host friends and family we think it’s a must-have design element. The idea of the wet bar is to have a further sink in your kitchen, smaller than your main sink, with a separate fridge for beverages. You’ll free up space in your main fridge and may even want to display your party drinks with a glass door. Guests tend to gravitate towards the food and drink at a party, so pop your wet bar to the side of the kitchen to ensure you have enough space to cook, serve and entertain without being overcrowded. 

3. Why the island is the heart of your kitchen

Kitchen islands can be beautiful, practical, fun and ingenious. Your kitchen island can cleverly hide features such as additional storage, space for further seating and that all-important wine fridge. Place your kitchen sink (complete with boiling hot water tap) or hob in the island and your cooking space turns into the focus area where you can continue to socialise with your guests while you are working on rustling up something fabulous.

Kitchen Island

4. Maximise Seating

What’s a dinner party at home without the inevitable seating saga? We know it can be a struggle and a stress when you find out there aren’t enough seats for guests, so why not create a permanent seating space in your kitchen? As addressed above, a kitchen island is perfect for adding further seating but why not add a design feature and a practical seating solution with a permanent kitchen bench? Choose a wall to site your bench and find some quirky chairs to fill in the space around the table. Not only is this a smart seating solution, but it can also provide additional hidden storage.

5. Stay in control with high-tech touches

Say goodbye to your portable speakers and upgrade to a high-tech built-in sound system, allowing you to control the music in any room from your smartphone. Another excellent addition to the kitchen is a pop-up plug socket holder. Adding in this touch isn’t just a way to add in extra sockets in a neat and compact way, your guests will never have to worry about having no phone charge to call the baby sitter or not being able to take photos whilst family members open their Christmas presents.

6. Luxe Lighting

Lighting is a key feature in any home. Add in large windows or doors into your entertaining space to ensure maximum light can flow into the room. You can even add in a couple of sky lights to the kitchen, so no matter what time of the day, maximum light enters the room. Led lighting around the units and floors can transform a kitchen and lighting fixtures can be a design staple in themselves. Opt for pendant lighting over your kitchen island or a large chandelier above the seating area to create a dramatic effect. When you’re planning your space, don’t forget to add in smart lighting control features.

JOC Kitchen

If you would like some help designing and creating your perfect entertaining kitchen, then do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly in-house experts. Give us a call on 01206396667 or send us an email at

Check out our Pinterest and Houzz pages for some more kitchen inspiration. 

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