Creating your home office

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Creating your home office
Whether it’s a natural progression of your job or a result of the current Covid-19 pandemic, remote working has become exceedingly common for many employees. Whilst setting up an office space at home (whether temporarily or permanently) could be beneficial for you, your family and your business, it could also be quite challenging.
Whatever space you have to work with, here’s our guide to creating the perfect workspace from your own home.

Choose your location

For some, the spare room with a desk, a computer and a comfy chair is a practical location, but it can be a challenging space to work from full-time and doesn’t allow for business growth, meeting and breakout space.

If you are looking at home-based working in the long-term but are worried about space, just look up, out and under for inspiration! Converting your loft can be a great way to utilise an entire floor of unused space. Your once dark, dusty loft can become a beautiful, bright office with en-suite, kitchen and storage and can even double as guest space. A loft conversion is a great investment and can increase the value of your home by up to 25% according to a 2020 report by OnTheMarket.

Another option is to build a garden office. If you struggle to stay motivated or have a young family, having a separate space a few steps from home could be the perfect solution to create a better work/life balance. Don’t think garden shed – your garden retreat can be a beautiful addition, fully insulated, powered and heated with bi-fold doors to the garden and maybe even a small en-suite and kitchen? You literally have a blank canvas, so anything is possible. Take a look at this stunning garden retreat we created last summer, which doubles up as a cosy family and entertainment space.

If you’re on a tighter budget, you can make small, inexpensive structural changes to create workspace from alcoves, parts of larger rooms or even cupboards!

Office in a ocnverted attic space


Lighting can often be overlooked within a workplace, yet it can play a huge part in your wellbeing productivity. When setting up your home office, make sure you choose a spot that has good natural lighting. If you’re investing in a garden office or loft conversion, bi-folds and Velux windows can work wonders in flooding even small spaces with natural light. There are lots of clever options that can transform lighting; check out our previous blog to find out how you can enhance the natural light in your home or workspace.


You may spend eight hours or more every day in your home office, so to ensure that you are happy, comfortable and productive invest in furnishing and decor. Some people work at their best in a minimalistic environment, whilst others prefer to have lots of personal touches (and often lots of papers) around them.

If you’re in for the long haul, please invest in your seating. As an item of furniture you sit on for several hours every day, your office chair needs to be supportive, comfortable and the right height. Another key factor is your desk. Look at the space you’ll need for your PC and monitors, mouse, paperwork, phones, chargers and files. Maybe even consider a standing desk?

Minimalistic, feminie desk space with laptop and notepad

Be organised

Have you had that panic at work when you can’t find something you desperately need? Avoid the stress by making sure your home office has plenty of storage. If you are designing a new space, consider built-in cupboards. These can run floor-to-ceiling and hide away all those files you need but don’t want to look at while you’re working.

Make it personal!

Make your home office space personal. Whether this is through paint colour on the walls, a change of flooring, or your favourite inspirational quotes, your home office is YOUR space, so make sure it feels like it! We love Farrow & Ball, ‘Dimity’ as a wall colour, paired with whitewashed wooden flooring, a large rug and a statement chair. You can create an office you never want to leave!

Grey wall, home office space, with rug on the floor

If you would like some help creating your perfect home office space, then get in touch today. You can all us on 01206 396667, or send us an email at
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