Don’t Move, Improve!

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What was once your new house, has now become your home. And just as that has developed and changed over time, your circumstances, family dynamics, needs, desires, and taste have almost definitely evolved also.

Do you put your home up for sale and move out? Or do you choose to renovate and settle in for the long haul? How emotionally attached to your home are you? Will a refurbishment or extension add value to your property? Sky high levels of stamp duty and swelling house prices are forcing many to extend their homes in a bid to create more space as the ‘don’t move, improve’ philosophy continues to gain momentum.

“So if you decide to stay put, how do we improve?”

There are limitless options in terms of home improvements. What happens at this stage will depend on what rooms or areas you would like to upgrade, but the most important factor will be your budget. Sometimes all a tired home needs is a tidy-up and a fresh coat of paint!

However, where the ‘don’t move, improve’ philosophy is adopted, a more substantial project will bring about a more significant change to your home, not only in appearance but hopefully in valuation too! Bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens are the main rooms to focus on. Whether they’re new additions or renovation projects, improving these spaces can increase the valuation of your property by anywhere between 5-10%.

Research from consumer body Which? found that a new kitchen typically costs around £8,000 and could add up to 6% to your home’s value, which works out at an average of around £18,000 for a £300,000 home.

Choose to utilise your available outside space and maximise the value of your home by increasing ‘indoor’ square footage with a garden room. Mirroring the functionality of indoor spaces, garden rooms are the latest must have living extension, guaranteed to add value to your home.

A loft conversion is amongst the most popular of home improvements due to the fact that they can help to increase floor area and create valuable extra space in a property without infringing on outside space. Loft conversions are also much less invasive to life in the home, allowing homeowners to go about their daily routines with minimal disruption while building works go on. What was once a dead space is now a blank canvas with endless possibilities! Create an extra bedroom, fit a new bathroom, a new lounge area, games room or a quiet study space. Room for a pool table?

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