Fight The Freeze: 10 Tips for a Toasty and Incident-Free Winter

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With temperatures set to drop to as low as -11°C in some parts of the UK this winter, more cold nights are inevitable. And no one wants to spend their evenings shivering under layers of blankets.

Using this handy list of top tips to help keep your home warm and in working order this winter, you could be waving goodbye to your frosty surroundings and hello to your cosy, suitably-heated abode

  1. Get your boiler serviced

    First things first, let’s make sure your boiler is fit and ready to warm your home throughout the winter months.

  2. Have your radiators power-flushed

    Now that you know your boiler is fully-functional, it’s time to look at your radiators. If you find that a radiator is cold in the middle and at the bottom, then this could indicate the need for a power-flush to remove any sludge.

  3. Insulate your radiator pipes

    Your radiators are free of sludge and are warming your home. But are your radiator pipes insulated? If the answer is no, then chances are that you are losing heat through the pipe walls. This issue has a quick fix. Simply insulate your radiator pipes to ensure that all the heat provided by your boiler will be sent to your radiator, rather than lost through the pipe walls.

  4. Loft and wall insulation

    Measures must be taken to keep the heat from escaping your home. One such measure is insulation of the walls, floorboards and loft. Insulation will decrease the amount of heat lost by trapping the heat within a thick layer of material.

  5. Draught-Proofing

    Another step that you could take to prevent a loss of heat is to draught-proof your windows and doors. By applying or replacing seals or brush strips to exterior windows and doors, you will reduce the risk of losing precious heat through gaps around these areas.

  6. Combat damp

    Whilst it is important that heat from your home is not lost through air gaps, it is equally important to remember to keep your home ventilated. Black mould occurs as a result of condensation. If your home is well-heated without ventilation, then the lack of an air supply to dry the condensation will likely cause damp issues. To fight damp, you may want to make sure that bathroom and kitchen doors and windows remain unsealed as these areas are likely to produce the most condensation.

  7. Clean or block your chimney

    If you have a fully functioning chimney, it is important to get it cleaned professionally by a chimney sweep on an annual basis to prevent build-up in the flue that could cause your fire to grow and burn beyond your control. If your chimney is not in-use, it may be worth getting your chimney bricked-up.

  8. Check the roof

    The last thing you want during those inevitable spells of rain is a leaky roof! Leaks can be crippling as they could potentially cause hundreds of pounds worth of damage to your home. With this in-mind, it’s worth checking your roof now before the weather takes a turn for the worse.

  9. Clear the gutters

    Before potentially high winds have a chance to dump all sorts of debris into your guttering, inspect and clear-out. Autumn brings with it falling leaves perfect for blocking the gutters. You do not want to deal with a blocked, frozen, and burst gutter on Christmas morning!

  10. Winter-proofing for ponds

    You’ve finished winter-proofing your home, but what about your pond? Ponds suffer through winter too. In these declining temperatures, the likelihood of your pond freezing over is high. With the top of the pond frozen over, your aquatic friends will suffer a dramatic decrease in oxygen levels. To prevent fish casualties this winter, simply float a ball in your pond. The movement of the ball on the surface of the water will prevent the area from freezing over, leaving your fish to enjoy as much oxygen as they like.

At John O’Connell Building Solutions, we are more than aware of the measures that can be taken to help keep you warm this winter. So, why not get in touch and speak to a professional?

With several services on offer – including boiler installation and servicing – we’ll take care of the little jobs so that you don’t have to.

To see how we could help you get winter-ready, or for any other information, call us on 01206 396667, or email us at

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