Don't worry about me time… it’s all about ‘we time’!

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Don't worry about me time… it’s all about ‘we time’!

We all love a little ‘me time’ now and then, but what about ‘we time’? We time is what it says is it. Time for you to hang out with your family and loved ones, and what better way to do this than in the comfort of your own home? You’re probably wondering how you’re supposed to create specific we time spaces within in the home, but if you are thinking of renovating, extending or building your new home any time soon, then here are some excellent points to consider to ensure that there is plenty of opportunities for we time in your home.

1. The home bar

A simple touch that can be added to the home to bring the family together on a Friday night. A bar area in the home can either be a room dedicated to your favourite dark and stormy cocktails, or simply a bar cart added into your family room. What better way to spend time with your family and wind down after a long week over a fresh G&T?

2. Cinema room

There’s nothing better than watching your favourite film with the family on a Sunday afternoon, but one thing that would improve the experience is if this was in a cinema room. If you are extending your home or building your own home, we recommend considering a cinema or TV room. With the popularity of tech detox still rising and homes becoming more social, positioning your cinema/TV room separate from the social area allows your family to be more engaged whilst providing the perfect escape, and ‘we time’ spot for weekends and lazy days.

3. Games room

If you read our previous blog post, you will know that staying in, is in. Convincing the children to stay in for an evening of family ‘we time’ can be a little difficult if there is nothing to entice them. So, why not create a games room? From electronics and mobile gaming to board games and ping pong, this is the perfect place to spend some quality and competitive time with your family.

4. The snug/ library corner

We time doesn’t have to be about spending time with your entire family, it can be the perfect space for yourself and your loved one to relax after a long day at work. A snug or reading room is the perfect spot to let your mind run away from you and just take a minute. If you’re looking to create the perfect snug check out our previous blog post. But, remember, the key to winding down is all in the room’s features; add in cosy furniture, or perhaps a record player, the perfect romantic touch to your snug!

JOC Library room

5. The secret spa

What better way to spend some time with your family or friends than a trip to the spa! Adding a sauna and/or steam room into your home creates a fabulous relaxation spot and the perfect we time feature. If you want to go all out, then why not add a pool or jacuzzi?

6. A dining room

With the ever-growing trend of open-plan living, a dining room is quite often forgotten and eating in front of the TV or with our phones in our hands is becoming the norm. If this sounds like your family, then why not extend your home and add in a dining room? A dining room allows you to sit down with your family and spend some easy quality time with each other at the end of each day. If you already have open plan living, why not switch it up to broken plan? Simply add in a couple stairs, a change in flooring or a semi-permanent wall to separate the rooms, making you feel as though you are in your dining space more than the kitchen.

Spacious, modern dining room with windows around, glazed roof, stylish chandelier, brick walls and table with chairs in the middle

7. Outdoor kitchen

Spending time in the garden in summer is something most of us enjoy; however, in the English weather, a BBQ isn’t always the best option. When landscaping your garden, why not consider adding in an outdoor kitchen? This can be enclosed, under a shelter or canopy, creating the perfect garden feature and the definition of indoor/outdoor living. To find out more, or get some inspiration, take a look at our Pinterest mood board. Build up a seating area around your outside kitchen for the ideal entertaining and space.

If you are interested in making your home more family orientated whilst still incorporating your stylish home features, then get in touch with us today. We will help meet your design needs within your budget and time scale. So if your home is shouting out for some we time, then call our team of professionals today on 01206 39667 or send us an email at .



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