Forget the Spring clean, let's get renovating!

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Forget the Spring clean, let's get renovating!

With March just around the corner, spring is closely approaching which means one thing for many, time for a spring clean! However, sometimes there is only so much you can do before the realisation that carpet shampooing and a wardrobe clear out is only going to get you so far and that a home renovation or extension are more realistic solutions. Here are our tips on how renovating this spring can help with problematic factors in your home.

Storage is a typical issue within the home, and no matter how many old shoes and jackets you throw away; you still do not have enough space. If this is an issue that you face daily in your home, then think smart with your storage. The un-used space under your stairs or the alcoves in your living room can be transformed into the essential wardrobe space or shelving units that your home needs. If you want a professional finish, it may be best to find a local carpenter to make these for you.

Spring Clean, Living room storage

The carpets. A feature of the home we often believe we can simply cover with a rug to forget about the stains and scruffs, but this is only a temporary fix. Invest in new carpets this spring. Trust us, it will be worth it and rearranging your room to have new carpets laid may encourage you to re-design your room. Perhaps a fresh coat of paint on the wall will complement the new carpets and bring a new lease of life to your room.

Believe us when we say we understand the struggle of constant cleaning in the bathroom but remember , is that there is only so much scrubbing can do before it’s time to face the fact that a new bathroom suite is your only option. Research bathroom designs and trends to ensure your bathroom will have longevity. Call in a professional instead of trying to renovate the bathroom yourself to ensure the job is completed to a high standard!

Bathroom Renovation

We all have a safe haven in the home, and more often than not this is the bedroom. The last room we retreat to, unwinding after a long week at work, but it can be hard to do this when you are cramped between walls and a low ceiling. Want to know our thoughts? Extend your home! Whether it’s converting your loft to create a master suite or simply popping an extension onto the side of your home, no amount of spring cleaning is going to make your room any bigger! Do your research to make sure you have found the extension best suited to your home.

A home renovation isn’t for everyone but if you think that it is just right for your home this spring, then get in touch. From re-decorating to extensions and loft conversions, our team here at John O’Connell will help you every step of the way, within your time frame and budget. To speak with one of our professionals or visit our ‘Contact Us’ page. Alternatively, you can call us on, 01206 396667.


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