Get a bathroom that’s fresh!

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Get a bathroom that’s fresh!
As we leave summer behind and creep into autumn, it’s nice to give our homes a little update and refresh ahead of the Christmas season. As the smallest room in the house, the bathroom is an often-neglected area, yet it’s the one place we use every day and where visitors will be bound to head at least once. The good news is that upgrading doesn’t have to take up lots of time and money.
So, if you’re feeling flush (see what we did there?) here are a few tips to breathe new life into your bathroom.

1. Fresh coat of colour

Yes, it really can be as simple as that! Sometimes all it takes to bring life back into a bathroom is a fresh coat of paint, and it can be done in a couple of hours. If you are bored of the dingy magnolia walls, or worse, that aqua blue that seemed a great idea ten years ago, why not make your colour on trend this autumn with some seasonal picks. Invest in a good quality bathroom paint that will withstand humidity. Check out our Pinterest board to find our favourite autumnal shades.

2. Switch up your storage

You don’t need to wait for spring to arrive before starting a de-clutter. Start by getting rid of all the unnecessary products in your bathroom (yes, you do not need the fifty dusty miniature bottles you’ve collected on hotel trips) and update your current shelving and cabinets into smart storage. A mirrored bathroom cabinet can make your bathroom look much bigger, and there are some great options. We love the LED Motion Sensor Cabinet from Victorian Plumbing.

3. Update your current hardware

2019 saw the rise of the industrial bathroom, with bold hardware and stark fittings. Using techniques such as adding in matte black tapware can help to incorporate this design trend into your bathroom without having to renovate the entire room. You can even contrast the dark matte colours with copper and gold hardware to make a statement. Check out Wayfair or Drench to shop either of these design trends.

4. Focus on the lighting

Often overlooked, the right lighting can drastically change the appearance of a room. You can transform your bathroom simply by changing the lights or bulbs. Whilst cool bulbs helps to brighten up a space and make us feel more alert, warm lighting helps to promote relaxation and provide a cosier feel. You can also look at adding in pendant bulbs into the bathroom as a design staple but use a qualified electrician to make sure it is of the correct IP rating.

5. Accessorise

If you find yourself, like many other homeowners, just not having the time to renovate, then try adding some accessories into your bathroom. It’s a simple solution, but it is one that can transform the ambiance of the room, and enable you to change the whole look every season if you want to. There are some great accessories on the market, whether you want to add some contemporary design touches, or just have a bit of fun. Why not look into updating your bathroom towel sets or adding in some house plants

If you would like some help designing or renovating your bathroom then do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly builders or in-house designers. Give us a call on 01206396667 or send us an email at

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