Give Your Bedroom a Facelift: 8 Tips and Fixes

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Your bedroom is a place you should look forward to spending time in. To relax and unwind, read a book and recharge ready for the next day. To help give you some inspiration on how to transform your bedroom into a stylish sanctuary where you can express your favourite colours and collections, we have put together a list of 8 simple bedroom design fixes and tips…


1) Smart Storage

Smart storage is essential if you want to create a clutter-free, relaxing space. Built-in wardrobes will be a good investment if you want to maximise the space you have and create tailored storage solutions to suit your needs. Open shelving, however, is also really on trend this year, so if you’re looking to create a little more room to perhaps display your shoes, jewellery, hats or books, this would be a good option for you. If free-standing storage is your only viable option, make a statement with these art-deco/ vintage inspired storage pieces available at

John O' Connell


2) Update Your Bed

How old is your bed? Struggling to remember? Well, that’s a good indicator that you need a new one! Sometimes something as simple as buying a new bed can change the feel of your bedroom. Remember, beds are design pieces in themselves so make sure you pick one that suits the size and décor of your room and always look out for ones with clever storage solutions. If you don’t want to splash out on a new bed, update your bed linen to spruce up the existing look.

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Tip: Go into the store and look at a few different options, it’s hard to judge the size and quality of beds when looking online. Dreams, Bensons for Beds and Furniture Village all have a wide range of sizes and styles.


3) Simplistic Walls and Floors

Simplistic, rustic design is very on trend this year. Follow this trend into your bedroom by painting walls a neutral tone and keep flooring simple. Remember not to overlook the ceiling, it is the fifth wall in your bedroom and one you stare at whilst lying in bed. When it comes to flooring, carpet tends to be the most popular option, but why not mix it up and opt for something a little more stylish like light hardwood, white-oak laminate or even a marbled concrete. These types of floors will really open the space and allow you to be more daring with accessories.

Give Your Bedroom a Facelift: 8 Tips and Fixes


4) Rethink the Lighting

Lighting is a key player in your bedroom design. There are many different options to choose from that will change the look and feel of your bedroom. If you are opting for a cosy feel, yellow bulbs with dimmer switches will make a room feel warmer, alternatively, white bulbs will brighten the room if you want to create clean, fresh or even beachy vibes. Freestanding lamps are great for creating subtle, reading lighting and make fantastic bedroom features, like this unique tripod style lamp available at John Lewis.

Give Your Bedroom a Facelift: 8 Tips and Fixes
John Lewis & Partners Jacques Tripod Floor Lamp, Grey. £135


5) Mix ‘n’ Match Bed Linen and Cushions

Pair simple block colours with vintage stripes and a range of patterns to make your bed eye-catching and stylish.  Pick one block colour to base the other cushions around, but mix and match the different tones and patterns. To pull this off you need simplistic white or neutral walls and floorboards as too much contrast in colours and patterns will make the room appear smaller. John Lewis also have a deluxe range of cushions that vary in styles and textures but compliment one another.

John Lewis & Partners Revina Teardrop Velvet Cushion, Pink


6) Striking Wall Art

A colourful, statement piece of wall art will create visual impact in a bedroom. Vibrant pink and even green colours are on trend this season so look out for something striking to hang on a large bare wall or in an en-suite bathroom.
Wayfair stock some great wall art.


7) Big Bold Headboards

A large, panelled, tall or textured headboard is a fantastic accessory that can easily give your bedroom the wow factor. Whether you want to uplift the space, make it cosier or add some serious colour, a striking headboard will help you achieve your décor goals. You can have a unique custom headboard made in any style at

Give Your Bedroom a Facelift: 8 Tips and Fixes


8) Style Your Bedside Table

Bedside tables not only add to the look of your bedroom, but they are extremely practical and great for storing essentials like reading glasses, hand cream and medicine if you are feeling unwell during the night. There are some lovely elegant pieces that will suit every type of décor available at Loaf online. Make sure you don’t clutter the top, simply style your nightstand with a lamp, a fragrant candle, small plant and book or water carafe to create hotel vibes.

We hope these décor tips will help you plan your new bedroom. If you feel as though built-in wardrobes simply won’t cut it and you are in desperate need of more bedroom space, contact John O’ Connell today on 01206 396667 to find out how we can extend your home or even provide a stylish loft conversion to give you the extra space you desire.
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