House Extension Ideas to Suit Every Property and Budget

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House Extension Ideas to Suit Every Property and Budget
Extensions come in all shapes, sizes, specifications and, most importantly, budgets.

A good builder will work with you to create a space that complements your needs and enhances your lifestyle, while providing the very best value for money to maximise your return on investment.

Therefore, if you have your heart set on creating more space in your home in 2021, we’ve collected our best house extension ideas, which we hope will provide you with some inspiration:

1) Basic Loft Conversion

For those on a tight budget, basic loft extensions are a great way to add space without creating too much disruption to your home. Such a project would provide space for a double bedroom and requires no planning permission, though the work would have to comply with building regulations.

House Extension Ideas to Suit Every Property and Budget

2) Porch Extension

Many people underestimate the value of extending the front of the house. It’s not only a great way to add character, light and improve the appearance from the outside, but it also provides you with more space to open up a hallway, add a cloakroom and even an additional seating area.

House Extension Ideas to Suit Every Property and Budget

3) Garage Conversion

Most garages seem to end up as storage units for things we rarely use! Therefore, why not utilise the space properly? If your garage is already integrated or attached, it should be relatively simple to convert into an extended living space. Dependent on your house design, you may want to knock through a wall to join up with an existing zone – enabling you to potentially widen a hallway or extend your kitchen. Also, once renovated, free standing garages make ideal offices, play areas and gyms, very popular house additions as we all spend more time from home. 

If your budget can stretch that little bit further, you can also be creative with your converted garage design – perhaps adding a fully glazed wall or also building upwards and adding an above garage room extension.

Garage Extension
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4) Single-storey rear extension

A single-story side or rear extension allows you to create a stunning open-plan living space at the back of your property. The cost of the extension will be dependent on the type of room and features you wish to include. But remember, a single-storey extension that blends into your existing home can add significant value to your property, as well as providing you with that essential space you’re craving.

Click here for more information on the average costs of extension.

Single storey extension ideas

5) Side Return Extension

A side return extension is an infill of the passage to the rear and side of the property on the ground floor, most commonly between two houses. This style of extension is an ideal way to expand a kitchen and make use of underutilised narrow garden space. Incorporating bi-fold or sliding doors into this design will also help you to transform your house into a bright, contemporary home. 

House Extension Ideas to Suit Every Property and Budget

6) Double Storey Rear Extension

If you are eager to add a lot more space to your property, you may want to consider a double-storey extension at the rear of your home. This will completely transform the look, layout and feel of your home and allow you to add both living and sleeping space. 

This is a good option for detached and semi-detached houses, as it requires substantial garden space and heavy machinery will need to be granted access to the side of the property. You can extend up to four meters at the rear of a detached property, or three metres behind a semi or a terrace house. A double-storey rear extension can be small or expansive depending on your budget and what you want to achieve.

House Extension Ideas to Suit Every Property and Budget
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7) A glazed Walkway

These statement extensions can be designed and built for a multitude of purposes. They are most commonly used to extend a bungalow or join together two existing structures – such as a house and a garage conversion. A stunning new glazed walkway can help turn a smaller house into a family home, connect the outdoors and indoors and act as an eye-catching design feature.

House Extension Ideas to Suit Every Property and Budget  

8) Basement Conversion

If you can extend below rather than above ground, then a basement conversion is a fantastic way to add space and value to your home. It is, however, one of the most expensive ways to expand your home due to the time and cost associated with the additional groundwork required. With this said, the new space will not only add more living space, but it will make your home unique and stunning in design.

Basement Extension
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For more help in determining what type of extension will fit your property and budget, get in touch with our expert builders at John O’ Connell to talk through your ideas and, of course, bring them to life!
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