How to Style Your Home for Winter

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Once the boring winter jobs are out the way like cleaning the gutters and servicing the boiler, you can start to focus on sprucing up your décor, to create a cosy luxe atmosphere and impress your guests at Christmas. Here are our top home design tips to help you beat those winter blues… 

1. Paint the walls with warm colours

If you have a lot of natural, bold or cold tones in your house the best way to prepare for the season ahead is with a lick of paint. Look to incorporate warm fire- inspired tones; this will instantly make your home feel cosy and warm. Gold is also making a come-back this year, so think about incorporating this colour into your theme through either paint, wallpaper or accessories.

2. Invest in soft winter throws

Pamper yourself with soft, cosy textiles and textures by investing in a faux fur, wool, sheepskin or even a cashmere throw. Lay it over your couch alongside some additional pillows and not only will it look great, but you will be able to snuggle up and watch a film on those dark nights.

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3. Create a cosy feel with rugs

If your house has a lot of wooden or tiled flooring it will start to get very cold on your feet during winter. Add a few rugs to bring colour, character and warmth into the room. They will give your home a cosy cabin feel and provide your feet with some extra comfort.

4. Layer your bed

There are plenty of ways to turn your bedroom into a relaxing, cosy boudoir that you can escape to in winter. Add quilt covers and comforters to your bed for extra padding and to create a luxurious hotel-like feel. Other accessories like lamps, candles and large cushions will ensure you feel snug all night long.





5. Decorate with nature

Fill the empty corners of your home with natural winter greenery and fill glass bowls with delicate pine cones. Not only will it look lovely, but it will fill your house with a lovely festive sent.

6. Make the fireplace a feature







If you have a fireplace, wood burner or even a non-working fireplace make sure you take advantage of it! Angle your furniture in the direction of the fireplace, layout a cosy rug and stack up wood in neat piles either side to add to the cosy cabin feel. For an extra touch of elegance, invest in some large glass lanterns and buy some scented candles to place inside. They look lovely next to a fireplace and create a romantic feel. In the lead up to Christmas either buy or make a garland from foliage, baubles, ribbons and glitter or fake snow and place elegant reindeer and Christmas tree ornaments on top of the mantlepiece to create a festive atmosphere.

7. Create a winter display

Decorate a coffee table, side table or even the dining table with a winter scene. Fill a rustic wooden tray with candlesticks, green plants, fairy lights, scented candles and pinecones. You could even lay out a jug of hot cocoa with pretty mugs and festive mince pies for when guests come around.




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