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If you are planning a construction project, you’ll usually have more than one estimate, but estimates can be just that. UK Construction reported that 69% of building projects go over budget,  and less than one in three come in within 10% of the original estimate.
That means in the majority of cases, the reasonable estimate the client started with is likely to rack up beyond their control.

A fixed-price quotation

When you get a building quotation from us, you’ll not only notice how detailed the specification is, but that our cost estimate is fixed. What you see is what you will pay.

We have processes and in-house expertise in place to ensure that the costed quote you get covers every element of the build, from bricks right down to the sundries costing a few pence. In your fixed price quotation, you’ll see a full, and extensive specification of every component including labour and materials, completed by our procurement manager and quantity surveyor.

We are completely transparent in our costings, giving you all the information you need to make an informed decision based on our detailed research of your specifications. No nasty surprises, just a guaranteed price for great quality work.

Of course, things can change and our customers often decide to add additional works, change, or upgrade fittings during the build process. When this happens, we create an additional fixed-price cost and inventory, discussed and agreed with the client in writing in advance of any purchases or works.

Professional project management 

Any build or renovation project is disruptive, and you want to know how long it will take, what’s happening and when. Once you have agreed your fixed-price quotation, our team will create a schedule of works that will give you a detailed timeline for start and finish.

You will be allocated a project coordinator, who will be your dedicated point of contact for keeping up to date, and any questions or requests. Your office-based co-ordinator will ensure everything is running to schedule, and manage any issues, usually before you even know there has been a problem. Keeping all services in-house means we always know when and where our team are needed and can plan their work around your schedule.

Of course, unexpected hitches can happen. Delays in deliveries, staff illness, weather or unexpected construction challenges can affect building works. Our state-of-the art software and experienced project team can effortlessly mitigate any problems and give you a real-time update on progress.

When you work with us, you’ll have a team of brilliant tradespeople on site, with another team of experts working behind the scenes to deliver a high-quality project at every stage. Our customers love the attention to detail and customer support we provide throughout the build, and every customer we have has recommended us to friends and family.

We look forward to sending you your fixed price quotation.

To discuss your new construction project, please call us on 01206 396667 or send us an email to for a FREE, no-obligation discussion.

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