Loft conversions – raising your property value through the roof!

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There are many different types of home improvements, all of which can add both to the quality of living for the occupant and significant monetary value to the property itself.

A loft conversion is amongst the most popular home improvements due to the fact that they can help to increase floor area and create extra space in a property without using up outside space. It’s no surprise then that recent statistics from The Guardian found that adding a loft conversation could add more than £42,000 to the value of an average property in the UK.

Often people choose a loft conversion to create more space for their existing property, saving them the costly and time-consuming process of moving to a new home to find more space. Loft conversions are also much less invasive and disruptive to daily life in the home compared to renovations that are taking place in a current living space, allowing homeowners to go on with your usual routine while the conversion is taking place.

Loft conversions provide a flexible option for creating more space in a property, creating various options depending on how you want to use it. The space could be converted into many different rooms to add a whole new dynamic to a property, such as an extra bedroom, bathroom, play area, lounge area or study space.

So, if you are looking for the easiest way to add valuable living space to your home, then a loft conversion could be the perfect option for you. At John O’Connell building solutions we will provide you with our professional advice to talk through the entire project with you to ensure that a loft conversion is the ideal renovation route to create the exact design and space that you have envisioned for your property.

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