Out of Sight: The Five Hidden Kitchen Technologies Consumers will Love in 2022

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Out of Sight: The Five Hidden Kitchen Technologies Consumers will Love in 2022

We all love a kitchen gadget, and with new technologies being developed every year, there has never been a more exciting time to invest in a next-generation kitchen.

In 2022 it will all be about ‘invisible’ kitchens, with innovative technologies blending seamlessly into modern kitchen design. Gone are the days when every kitchen surface would become a breeding ground for new appliances; 2022 is all about embracing the freedom of minimalism without compromising on must-have kitchen capability.

We’ve compiled a list of our top five upcoming invisible kitchen technologies tipped to be ‘unseen’ in the trendiest kitchens next year:


RFID technology has revolutionised many consumer markets in recent years, including home design. Replacing the bulky cabinet locks used to keep curious children out of cupboards, RFID locks are hidden from view and can be opened effortlessly if you have access right – perfect for anyone who has ever struggled with a child lock!

Switching traditional kitchen cupboard handles for RFID sensors, which pop open at the touch of a fob, will give you a sleek look with the security you need.

RFID lock in use

Pictured: Rothult Smart Lock, Ikea £20



With induction hobs becoming a staple feature of modern kitchen design, it is hardly surprising that manufacturers are racing to take technology to the next level. Several companies are now offering worktops with fully integrated induction points embedded underneath the surface. Customers are able to customise the layout from scratch, using the space they have to its full potential. Food can be prepared, cooked, and served in a single shared space, with the countertop simultaneously acting as a table and a hob. Genius!

Invisible Induction Hob

Pictured: Invisacook: the invisible induction cooktop from Infinity, prices on consultation



Finding somewhere in your kitchen to plug in a speaker can be frustrating- especially when you’d like the sound to reach all areas of the room.

Invisible ceiling speakers are becoming an increasingly popular solution to these problems.
Built directly into the kitchen ceiling and no bigger in size than a light fixture, ceiling speakers create a surround sound experience that eliminates the need to clutter surfaces with leads and plug points. Connected to your device via Bluetooth, these speakers can even read aloud recipes while you’re cooking or simply provide some background music to fill the space.

Ceiling Speakers in Kitchen

Pictured: Virtually Invisible® 791 in-ceiling speakers II from Bose,

£549.95 per set of two



A polished minimalistic kitchen doesn’t factor in clunky taps. Keeping traditional taps sparkling clean is no easy task, with the awkward angles making the whole process even more time-consuming.

Kitchen designers have created a way to eliminate this issue almost entirely by introducing retractable tap systems. During use, taps can be pulled upwards to allow the water to flow into the sink, ready to be pushed back down out of view whenever you no longer need them.

Retractable Tap in Kitchen Sink

Pictured: Blanco Eloscope-F II Kitchen Tap by Blanco
From £664.95



A large, industrial-looking overhead extractor fan may look at home in a commercial kitchen area, but not so much a minimalist modern space.

Ventilation when cooking food is essential, but the resulting noise and seeing the ventilation system at work is not.

Down-draft ventilation systems built into your induction hob inhale any steam from boiling pots before it even has the opportunity to rise. The design is incredibly sleek and virtually invisible, as the ventilation shafts are embedded into the surface.

Down-Draft Ventilation in Kitchen Induction Hob

Pictured: Neff T47TD7BN2 70cm Air Venting Induction Hob – STAINLESS STEEL

From £2,299



If you’re planning your new kitchen project, take a look at some of our recent case studies for inspiration, and don’t forget to download a copy of our magazine.

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