Prepare Your Home For The Winter With Our 5 'Hot' Tips!

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Prepare Your Home For The Winter With Our 5 'Hot' Tips!

Prepare your home for winter with our hot tips

It’s time to treat your home with some love and prepare it for these cold winter months. Here are our five ‘hot’ tips to make sure that your home is prepared for the cold and miserable winter ahead.

1. Bleed your radiators

Air bubbles can form within your radiators and stop them from working efficiently. Bleeding your radiators is a simple task that costs nothing but has the potential to save you money on fuel and prevent your house from being cold. You’ll know your radiators need bleeding if the top half of your radiator is warm, and the bottom cold. Use a radiator key and turn it anti-clockwise until you hear a hissing sound. Once the water starts to flow, tighten the valve again, and you’re done!

Remember: Hold an old towel under the radiator ready for any water spillage.

2. Clean the gutters

So often overlooked (how often do you look up at your roof?), clearing your gutters before wet, windy and icy weather kicks in may not seem like a priority, but it is essential to make sure that all surface water can run through the gutters without becoming disrupted or blocked by any leaves and muck. Blocked gutters are one of the biggest causes of internal leaks, so it pays to keep them clear.

Tip: Make sure you stay safe and have someone holding the ladder. Better still, leave it to the professionals.

3. Keep the heat in

Sometimes, no matter how high you have the heating on you’ll have cold or draught spots in your home. Accessorising your home with inexpensive fixes can really help to keep in the warmth. Thick curtains can help prevent heat leaving through windows or exterior doors. You can also try adding a thick rug to rooms to help keep it warm. Place draught excluders in front of gaps under the door to help prevent the cold creeping in.

Why not: Place self-adhesive foam strips in cracks in window and door frames to seal any gaps.

4. Check your boiler

In winter, it’s essential that your boiler is serviced and working properly and before you suffer from loss of pressure, frozen pipes, leaking or dripping water and even worse, no heating!

Advice: Don’t leave it to chance, call in a professional to service your boiler every year.

5. Check your bulbs

Do a quick exterior check to make sure all your outside lights are working. Switch to low-energy bulbs, sensor activated or timed lights to help save a little more money during these cold and costly, winter months.

Thought: Leave your lights on or place sensors outside your house to make sure there is light when you come home.

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