Should You Buy, Sell or Stick Before BREXIT?

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As we edge closer towards the October 2019 deadline date, estate agents remain unsure of the effects Brexit may have on the property market. Just before Christmas, surveyors said that the outlook for prices in 3-12 months’ time was the lowest since June 2016, with Brexit being the key concern amongst buyers.

Whilst there has not been a sudden drop in house prices, for now, we understand that with no reassurance from the government as to what is likely to happen, it is an extremely difficult and potentially expensive decision to make as to whether you should be selling your property or not.

If you have a growing family or desperately need a larger kitchen, or perhaps an office space to work from home, now could be the time to consider an extension or conversion over selling up. Extending your property will not only provide you with space and comfort you desire in the short term, but it will also add value to your home and give you better opportunities post-BREXIT to buy another property in the future. Not to mention the money you would save in agent fees, legal fees and stamp duty from not moving.

After choosing a builder to carry out the work and securing planning permission for a new extension, you will be able to work with a designer to create a space that complements your family’s lifestyle and personal style, to create an amazing open space, that you fall in love with. You may then decide that your current property that you once found cramped and out-dated is now your forever home …

If you are looking for building services contact John O Connell today on 01206 396667  and we will work with you to plan, design and build an extension that gives you the extra space you want and wow factor you desire, within budget and on time.

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