Stunning 2019 Kitchen Trends We Are Loving

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2018 was the year of rose gold appliances, simplistic tiles and minimalist kitchen design, but a new year brings new trends; all of which, we can’t wait to share. If you’ve been planning a reno for a while or just fancy a fresh start – we’ve got you covered with our favourite  design trends that will be sure to spice up your kitchen instantly.
So what’s ‘in’ for 2019?

Contrasting Textures

Its all about contrasting textures and sleek finishes to jazz up simplistic kitchen colours and layouts. Marbled worktops, glitzy splashbacks, matte cupboards, glass doors and metal or bronzed handles will really make your kitchen interesting, and we are seeing multiple textures being used in kitchen design in 2019.

kitchen desihn 2019
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Vintage Vibes

If you love homely feels and 1920’s vintage kitchen design, then you’re in luck. This year we are seeing the return of traditional kitchen elements such as natural stone tiles, hand wrapped rattan furniture and vintage-inspired fixtures and lighting. This type of design would suit a country home or cottage as it embraces the cosy, nostalgic vibes that period properties already hold.

2019 Kitchen Design Trends
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Copper Continues to Shine

First used for decoration by the Romans, this shiny metal can be incorporated into many different elements of your kitchen design and can wonderfully complement several colours, including ivory, brown, blue, green and teal, with botanical hues being particularly on trend this year. Copper and brass accents are being used in the form of sinks and taps, hanging lights, kettles, toasters and bar stools. Wayfair has lots of affordable copper kitchen accessories available on their website.

Kitchen Trends 2019
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Open Shelving

We understand that open shelving may sound scary, especially as most of us love nothing more than hiding everything in cabinets away from the world to see. However, this year we are seeing upper cabinets with metal, glass or wood shelving attached underneath to create bold statements. Minimalistic wooden shelving will add texture and rustic feels to modern kitchens without costing a fortune. They are extremely functional and great for storing glasses, bowls, books and vases. Be careful not to overcrowd the shelves; some things need to stay in the cabinets!

Kitchen Trends 2019
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Tasteful Technology

Digital technology is constantly innovating and driving new pleasures in the kitchen. For instance, you can now purchase Wi-Fi-enabled coffee makers and smart fridges and ovens that let you check their status through an app on your phone. If you do decide to integrate technology into your kitchen, make sure it flows naturally with your design and incorporate appliances into units to create a seamless look.

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Sleek & Hidden Storage

In contrast to the open shelving trend – concealed and clean kitchen storage continues to be popular in 2019. Sleek, built-in cupboards with push or slide access offer an array of clever storage solutions that look ultra- modern. If space is an issue in your kitchen, this should be a design concept you investigate – opt for creamy whites and grey or wood-panelled cabinets to be particularly stylish this year.


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Wonderful Wood and Raw Materials

Kitchen Design Trends 2019
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Go back to basics this year and allow raw materials to shine through on their own. Think stone, shiplap and wonderful wood, which is making a big comeback as people are increasingly seeking connections from nature. Wooden worktops, flooring, walls and furniture will help you to achieve lighter, airier spaces; so, don’t be afraid to hold back.

We hope we have given you plenty of ideas to work with and inspired you to be creative and bring some modern design to your new kitchen this year. If you would like some further assistance or require any building work or an extension to create your ideal living space, please contact us on
‘‘Out with the old and in with the new’’

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