The bathroom trends making a splash in 2020

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The bathroom trends making a splash in 2020

It’s often the smallest room in the house, but the bathroom is coming to the fore as THE place to make a design statement with some luxurious touches. Whether you want to spruce up your existing space, or splash out on a brand new bath, shower or wet room, here are our top trends for 2020.

1. It’s light, but not as we know it

Picture your free-standing bathtub with a luxurious chandelier resplendent above it, reflecting light into every inch of the room. This trend may seem like something from a glossy magazine, but you can really make this your own easier than you might think. Chandeliers have really come down in price – we love this one, designed for the bathroom and priced at £129 from Victoria Plum, but if it’s grandeur is a little too much for your home, you could try a pendant lightor perhaps a quirky geometric frame? Maybe you are thinking of having your entire bathroom renovated and want something a little more modern? If so, integrated lighting is for you. Blend your lighting into the bathroom features like mirrors, walls, shelves and even floors to create seamless and modern design. Lighting Styles have some great ideas at affordable prices.

Bathroom Trends 2020

2. Dark and Stormy

Dark walls and interiors may sound familiar as we saw this trend rise in the home through 2019, well guess what? It’s here to stay! Traditionally, people have chosen light colours for their home to create the illusion of space but not for this design trend! Colours such as black, dark grey, emerald green and other moody palettes can provide a gothic luxury ambience to your bathroom. You don’t need to go as far as painting every wall dark but perhaps try a feature wall or incorporate bold colours into small features such as tile patterns, grouting, basins or hardware. If you want to go all out with the dark and stormy trend in 2020, then include contrasting features such as brass shower heads or a copper bathtub. If you fancy Hunter Green or Peacock, Good Housekeeping has some bold ideas for your 2020 interior design and we love this bathroom in Brassicafrom Farrow & Ball.

Bathroom Trends

3. Make it your own

Your bathroom doesn’t have to be purely functional – it’s your space to recharge and relax. Make it a design feature and be creative – it’s amazing what you can do with even the smallest space. With bathroom fittings becoming quirkier and tiles becoming bolder, make your bathroom something to be proud of in 2020. Even your shower cubical can be turned into a masterpiece with beautiful wall art, or a bright bold tile to transform space. For a true transformation, swap your bath for a tub that’s a little more daring – there have never been more options for style finish and colour. We think these BushBoard shower boards from Nuance are beautiful.

Bathroom Trends

4. Make it a marble masterpiece

2020 is another year that we will be seeing the craze for marble but this time, it’s getting a little audacious. Because marble is a natural stone, no two pieces are exactly the same and that is okay! The individuality of each piece makes this beautiful stone unique and eye catching and in 2020 you can go colour crazy with your marble. Think hues of pale pink, deep blues and even a little lilac. From floors to walls, basins to baths, the options are endless. If you are a little apprehensive about this bold design move, then why not start by trying a few marble accessories to liven up your bathroom?

Of course, if you want to go full out and live like a Roman, this stunning hand-carved Tivoli marble bath from Hurlingham ticks all the boxes.

Bathroom Trends


5. Technology on tap

Our homes are being filled with smart technology, so why not incorporate this into your bathroom? From TV’s integrated into your bathroom walls and sensor taps, to dimmable lights from your smart phone and waterproof shower speakers, the options on how you can include tech into your bathroom are soon to become endless, so get ahead of the trend whilst you can! Why compromise on watching your favourite show or taking a bath when this waterproof widescreen led smart TV doubles as a mirror and is affordable at just £319 from Sarason TV.

Bathroom Trends 2020

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