The top 14 home improvements - what adds the most value to your home?

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According to the Office for National Statistics, as of August 2017, the average UK house price was £225,956. Up from the figure of £215,143 recorded for August 2016. That’s a £10,000 and 5% rise in a matter of 12 months. In 2015: £201,973; 2014: £191,932; 2013: £175,982; 2012: £170,902 (All figures from the month of August). In the space of 5 years the average UK house price has increased by around £50,000 and just over 32% – almost one-third.Home improvements (1)

With the property market and house prices showing no signs of stagnation, homeowners are keen to latch on and grab a piece of the action. Where some might look to purchase another property, other may not be able to afford that luxury, and will therefore look to their own homes and potential improvements to increase their own property’s value.

Property experts, Move With Us, have released statistics of the Top 14 home improvements that add value to your own home (based on an average house price of £165,000). Bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens are the main rooms to focus on. Whether they’re new additions or renovation projects, you’re looking at an increase of 5-10% on top of your current valuation.

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