The trends to incorporate in your home this year

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The trends to incorporate in your home this year

With every new year comes new trends. Some are simply unattainable for residential properties, whilst others can be used to provide maximum style and a design flare within your home. Here at John O’Connell we have selected out favourite home trends for 2020, and what we think will not only be excellent staples to the home, but also have longevity amongst this year’s trends.

1. Social Spaces

Staying in is still in! The home and interior industry has caught onto the increased desire to stay in instead of being ‘out-out’ so for 2020 we are loving seeing the rise of social spaces in the home. Creating an entertaining space in the home is a must have trend if you are finding yourself wanting to socialise more at home. Start by creating an open plan living space. Having your kitchen, dining room and living room all in one open space is the perfect layout for hosting family and friends. If you don’t have enough space in your home to entertain, why not consider extending? There is a wide variety of extensions suitable for all home types. Check out our previous blog to find out what extension is most suitable for your home.

2. Sustainability

If you’re like most, the new year’s resolutions include promises to be more sustainable or eco-friendly, but we know that it can be a little harder and most definitely more expensive than expected. This year, sustainability in the home is up there with interior trends and, in our eyes, will continue to be for many years to come. Yes, you are right in thinking that this can come with a bigger price tag, so if you’re not ready just yet to accept the price of sustainable interior why not try up-cycling? Purchasing furniture, flooring or even finishing touches that you can get creative with and make your own? A little less expensive yet still sustainable touch to the home.

3. Concealed KitchensJOC, Trends In The Home blog

A concealed kitchen is exactly that, a kitchen that is hidden. You’re probably thinking, ‘Why would I want that?’ but that’s just because you haven’t seen the incredible design impact they have on a home, alongside the splash of modernity and convenience they bring. With all appliances hidden, this modern trend, which we are bound to see more of in the next few years, provides a sleek and stylish look all year round! Either opt for a touch of secrecy to your kitchen by hiding the microwave and fridge behind seamless cabinets and worktops. If you fancy a dramatic stance then yes, hide it all! Push back your worktops to reveal the hidden cooker and stove, hidden seamlessly by a worktop. Check out our Pinterest board for some inspiration.

4. Statement Bathrooms

When it comes to your bathroom this year, forget the minimalism trend, it’s all about making a statement. Whether this is through gold finishes, matte black surfaces, stand out tiles or a pop of colour, do something daring! The bathroom often gets forgotten about, but why not let your creative streak flare in at least one room of your home? If a trend like this makes you nervous or perhaps you are apprehensive of it becoming a seasonal trend, then choose some bold accessories. These are easily replaced and can be updated at a low cost. Check out our previous blog for more 2020-bathroom trends.

5. SMART Features

Yes, we know, we keep harping on about it but trust us, it is totally worth it! Smart features in your home are life changing. Our last blog explored everything you need to know about smart devices in the home as well as the compatibility of these smart home hubs to meet your requirements. Just think about it, no more getting out of bed in the freezing cold or coming home to a dark house, because all of this can be controlled by your phone and even your voice!

JOC, Trends In The Home blog6. It’s all about Crittall

If you follow us on social media, you will already know just how much we love this practical design feature. Developed in 1884 you may not think this feature is practical but, these steel-framed windows are not only thermally efficient, but double glazed and secure. If you want to use Crittall to make a statement in the home, either use them as floor to ceiling doors or add them into an open plan room to act as a partition between spaces. This design feature will create an instant high-end look to your property and a must have. Check out our Houzz ‘Ideabook’ for some inspiration and an insight into how Crittall can make your home simply magnificent!


We promise to deliver you high a standard of work aligned with your vision and within your budget, so if you want to incorporate any of these design trends into your home, or have some ideas of your own to transform your property, then get in touch with us today! Call us on 01206 396667 or send us an email to and a member of our team will be able to help out with all your enquiries.

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