A Windows Update for Your Home

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After a sun-blessed summer, we have all appreciated the benefits of windows. Waking up and opening the curtains, the world-through-the-window view kickstarts our days in the best way possible. But, without wanting to put a dampener on summer spirits, let’s not forget that winter is coming. Your home’s windows are designed to keep the cold out, as well as let the light in. How are your windows looking? Have you noticed a touch of mould along the seals? Are your windows old and starting to look a bit tired? Are they a bit ‘draughty’? Do you need a windows update for your home?

A Windows Update for Your Home Skylight

To help you decide if an update is right for you, we have collated a list of benefits and points for your consideration.

Energy Efficient Windows

New well-fitted windows and doors are a great way to increase your home’s energy efficiency. While this won’t be necessary for every homeowner, those who choose this option will ultimately reap the benefits of reduced monthly energy bills and an increase to their property’s value.

Triple Glazing

Triple glazed windows typically cost more than double glazed windows but will provide more insulation.

According to Which?, turning down the thermostat by just one degree could save you £85-£90 per year.

Prices will vary depending on the style, size and frame of the windows you choose, but the more triple glazed windows you install, the cheaper each window will be. Therefore, it’s more cost effective to change all your windows to triple glazing, rather than just a few.

Triple Glazing Costs

According to The Eco Experts, the more windows you have installed, the more money you can save. The table below shows you how much you can save every year on your energy bills by replacing old single glazing with triple glazing:

Triple Glazing Savings


Imagine the windows in your home. Does your chosen style of window complement your exterior and interior? Would uPVC windows really suit your quaint cottage?

Skylights & Privacy

New residential housing developments are popping up left, right and centre. Where your home once felt like a secluded haven, you are now faced with the prospect of nosey neighbours. Privacy has become an issue. Born out of necessity, a new trend has emerged, as homeowners request more light from above. Adding a skylight to rooms where privacy is of the utmost importance, such as bathrooms or bedrooms, will allow an abundance of natural light, which will reduce overreliance on artificial lighting, without compromising you and your family’s privacy.


Struggling to concentrate on your work as your ears fill with disturbing background noise? Soundproof your office or hobby space with new windows, and finally enjoy band practice without worrying about annoying the neighbours. Peace at last.


Seasonal Affective Disorder, with its appropriate acronym, SAD, is a condition that describes the feeling of lethargy during the winter season and affects 3% of the UK’s population. Sluggishness can take over during the cold and dark months of winter due to the lack of exposure to natural light.

By installing additional windows in your home, you give your body the best opportunity to absorb the necessary sunlight to increase production of Vitamin D and serotonin – both of which are proven to help to regulate and boost our moods.

Having a pleasant and relaxing view from above the kitchen sink makes washing the dishes easier!

At John O’Connell, we offer our clients a full service in windows and conservatories. Our service includes designing and sourcing to supply and installation. Windows come in all shapes and sizes, and we will work to your specifications and desires to provide you with the best fit for your property. If you would like to discuss upgrading your existing windows or fitting some extra ones, get in touch and call us on 01206 396667. Alternatively, email enquiries@jdoconnell.co.uk.

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